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Academy Subscription:


  • Online Golf Instruction Program
  • Simple, Effective, and Fun
  • Over 100 training videos
  • Get comfortable from anywhere on the golf course
  • Improve accuracy, distance, and scores
  • New video content every month
  • Apple and Android App
  • Train, learn, and improve at your own pace.

What level of golfer do I have to be?

Everyone has some aspect of their game that makes them uncomfortable. The OptiShot Academy (OA) is tailored to effectively remove everyone's anxieties on the course. Regardless of your starting point, this program will give you a complete golf game.

How do I learn?

The OptiShot Academy is structured around our motto SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. FUN. Unlike other golf lesson platforms, the OA has a defined methodology of FIVE pillars of improvement. Each pillar prepares you to be comfortable on the golf course. Never overthink the game again.

How does it work?

You can access all training videos right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Each video prepares you for the next in the series. The goal? Get you comfortable anywhere on the golf course and lower your scores.

Will there be new content?

Always. There will be three new videos a month that automatically become part of your subscription as soon as they are released. We will gear those videos based on customer feedback, individual profiles, and group lessons.