OptiShot Series simulators.

No more rain days. No more off-season. Play real-world courses, in your home with your clubs.

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OptiShot2 Series Simulator
$ 500.00

OptiShot 2®

  • 32 High intensity infrared sensors
  • Standard Plastic Enclosure
  • Measured club speed
  • Measured Face Angle
  • Measured Club Path
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Room requirments

Extreme versatility for nearly every space.

While OptiShot® simulators can be used in a wide variety of setups, rooms, and configurations – there are a few things to keep in mind.


Play beautifully rendered real-world courses.

Our courses have been meticulously designed and modeled after iconic courses from around the world. Enjoy the 15 included courses or upgrade at any time to enjoy more than 60 renowned premium locations.


Get all the bells and whistles at one low price.

We've curated a lineup of compatible bundled equipment to assist in your buildout. Shop our Golf-In-A-Box series today.