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Introducing Gravity Fit


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Gravity Fit - TSensa

Designed To indicate and maintain great posture during exercise and other activities.   Check out Other Gravity Fit Products!

$ 63.95

Gravity Fit - TPro

The TPro is a revolutionary piece of equipment that gives unparalleled levels of feedback for posture and quality rotation in the golf swing. The spikes and paddles at the back let you know when your spine and shoulders are in good posture. The bands at the front stimulate shoulder stability...

$ 79.95

Gravity Fit - Gravity Cap

A unique, innovative product – the Gravity Cap immediately puts you in perfect alignment for exercise.   Check out Other Gravity Fit Products!

$ 89.95

Gravity Fit - Swing Kit

Longer. Stronger. Sweeter. The Swing Kit contains all you need to build power from within for a longer, sweeter golf shot. It’s a great way to develop better shoulder stability, better spinal stability and train dynamic rotation for golfers at all levels. This in turn will help with FEEL, power...

$ 119.99