How to Have Fun with Your Golf Simulator

How to Have Fun with Your Golf Simulator

Now that you have (or are giving) your new
Golf Simulator or Golf in a Box Bundle (best holiday gift under the tree for sure), what to do with it? Aside from the traditional golf round and tournament play which yes, of course OptiShot has, the guys in the office have a slew of competitions that they like to play during their downtime. I checked in with them for some of their favorites and here’s what I learned: 

Spin the Wheel: A game of luck, based on Wheel of Fortune (side note: our Golf Simulator bundle was a prize on Wheel of Fortune – how cool is that?!). You can spin the wheel free at Spinit and then spin for various challenges. The guys like to spin to determine the club that you have to use for your next shot as well as if you’re playing left or right-handed. 

Loser buys Lunch this is pretty self-explanatory, but they typically challenge one another with specific shots or closest to the pin. 

Longest drive at the range is a quick and easy way to play against your friends or just work on your swing in general and challenge yourself. 

Putting competitions are also an option. Yes! You can work on your putting with a golf simulator. Who knew?! 

One of the cooler things that I saw during lockdowns from Covid was a golfer who set up his at-home golf simulator to play tournament golf with his typical foursome. They all set up their in-home layouts so that they could also see one another on their computers at the same time, allowing them to chat and, I’m sure, smack talk and side bet. We shared the post on our IG and TikTok so check it out if you want to see how they did their setups. 

What are some of the games and challenges you do on your golf simulator? We want to hear about them! So please post on your social channels and tag us so we can check them out. You may be featured in one of our upcoming blog posts! 

xx Aly