How Much Should you Practice Golf

How Much Should you Practice Golf

Many golfers wonder how often they should practice so they can become the golfer they want to be as well as what techniques to use. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This is true in many aspects of life but it is also true in the game of golf. How often you are able to play, how much time you are prepared to spend practicing, and your attitude toward the game are the determining factors; it can take years to reach your full potential. 

The driving range is very important in regards to practicing your swing, but where it really counts is chipping from outside the 10 meter mark and putting. Hit the driving range in moderation but put more attention towards the putting green to make sure you are putting time into your short game. Using electronic tools during the off-season is beneficial towards practicing your game as well. Getting a golf simulator like OptiShot’s BallFlight, OS2, or Vision offers a wide range of swing measurements to make sure you are hitting your target. OptiShot also offers a range of videos on its Youtube channel where tutorials are conducted. In these videos, you can learn a wide range of learning techniques that suit you. OptiShot’s simulators allow you to use anything from driver to putter so being able to practice your short and long game will be no problem for you. 



The professional golfer, on average, practices six days a week for about 4 hours each day. Of course, for the average golfer that is probably not realistic. Being a common golfer, practicing a minimum of two days a week, two hours each day will help you improve your swing. Being detail oriented is one of the most important things when it comes to golf. Golf depends less on strength and more on mind and character. Golf is 90% mental, the problem is nobody really trains the mental game. Staying mentally connected with your balance can help you build up your skills and confidence. A way you could practice this is by swinging and closing your eyes. Once you become balanced with swinging while not being able to focus on the visual aspects, then you are ready to introduce the ball. Maintaining proper body language, relaxation and tempo awareness are all key aspects to focus on as well. Although, an important thing to remember is that focusing on too many things when you are about to strike the ball, impairs your ability to strike the ball. Focusing on one detail will be more beneficial than focusing on many things at once. Commit to one thing throughout your swing. Don’t focus on the outcome, focus on how you can influence the outcome. 

You can learn many mental and physical golf techniques through the golf training videos we provide at OptiShot Academy. This is our training platform where we have professional golf trainers take you through drills that have proven to help golfers improve their skills. 

Find these videos here: OptiShot Academy Catalog 

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