Can a Golf Simulator Make You a Better Golfer?

Can a Golf Simulator Make You a Better Golfer?

How training and practicing with a golf simulator can improve your golf game. 

Playing golf is a lot of fun, but it's also frustrating to lose progress during the cold winter months. Luckily there are training products such as indoor golf simulators that can help you become better during your "off-season". This article will explain how an indoor golf simulator can make you a better golfer.

The off-season tends to be a time where golfers take a break from the sport. This may include taking some time off from practicing or playing. However, that doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do to help improve your game during this time.

Nowadays it is possible to be able to practice indoors at any time of year using indoor golf simulators. The OptiShot bundling package options allow for you to create an at-home practice facility that fits your space and your preferences, all with the same tech that tracks key information including club speed, carry distance, face angle, and tempo.

Having an in-home golf simulator as your practice facility will save you time, provide valuable feedback so that you can track your progress, and allow you to put those swing tips and practice drills to good use!

Here are some of our favorite instructors who share solid online content (that's free!) for your at-home practice sessions:

Erika Larkin, PGA of America - follow her on Instagram for quick tips @erikalarkingolf

Golf Monthly often offers swing tips and instruction videos - @Golf Monthly on

Live classes online (for a small per class fee) are offered through the Stick&Hack community at

And, you can get golf instruction at your fingertips (for the range OR your home sim) on the OptiShot Golf Academy app with lessons from two PGA of America teaching pros, Ben and Chad.

Alyson R. Johnson 
President + CEO
Gilly Group